Shipka 54 hydraulic components and systems

SHIPKA 54 Ltd. Company was established in 1992 as a Limited Liability Company and in 1996 it was re-registered as a Sole Proprietor with limited liability. The owner of the company is Ivan Todorov Kolev. 

The Company has good experience in trade in different fields of Mechanical Engineering. It is mainly specialized in delivery of components for hydraulic systems for metal cutting machines, road construction and agricultural machinery and stands.   The Company also delivers direct and alternating current electrical motors, monorail hoists  and spare parts for fork lifts. Detailed technical documentation you can receive visiting our website: - Commerce.   

In its plant, SHIPKA 54 EOOD company produces different types and sizes hydraulic presses for furniture industry; metal constructions for different purposes. Complete technical information you can receive visiting our website: - Manufacture. Quality Control Production is realized by the Body of the Company and it is guaranteed by a Quality Certificate ISO2001 of the relevant producers.

Our company has representatives in Moscow, Russia. We keep constant business contacts with companies in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech, Poland and other countries. SHIPKA 54 EOOD company is an official distributor of the following Bulgarian hydraulic and pneumatic equipment manufacturers in the Russian market: “M+C Hydraulic” Ltd, “Caproni” JSC, “Badeshnost” JSC, “Pneumatics” JSC as well as “ASA Hydraulik” GmbH, Austria and “ATOS”spa , Italy. 

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